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I too would have bet money that this was Boghossian, Lyndsay & Pluckrose up to their old tricks again :)

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Not only is this not about physics, or how best to teach physics, the abstract is almost unreadable. Did somebody use a RRW (random woke word) generator?!

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Self-flagellation as pretentious moral signalling by people who don't believe in the divinity of existence and therefore believe not in the value of truth.

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Just filed a short post for laypeople on the new Hawking/Hertog book: https://open.substack.com/pub/thedailymemes/p/the-frozen-accident-we-call-home?

In researching piece I was gobsmacked by the no. of ridiculous, mostly RO1-funded "physics" reviews that have zero to do with science much less Hertog's book on top-down quantum cosmology. Here's my fav e.g. of govt. funded "physics" paper on ResearchGate: Chira, V., 2023, ‘Metaphysics

of cosmological models’, HTS Teologiese Studies/ Theological Studies 79(1), a7796. https://doi.org/

10.4102/hts.v79i1.7796 . Aak.

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I love those big long sentences that leave you confused over the purpose and point: BS baffles brains, right?

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ACS is ahead of APS on this front. The Journal of Chemical Education just published an entire special issue on the topic of DEI in chemistry education -- 60+ papers of this sort: https://pubs.acs.org/toc/jceda8/99/1?utm_source=pcm&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=PUBS_0322_FMT_ED_jceda8_Earth_Week&src=PUBS_0322_FMT_ED_jceda8_Earth_Week&pci=CACSR000000222354

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This must be a spoof.

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Wait, are we missing the real story here? Woke nonsense is too easy to poke with a stick. Let's aim higher.

Why are we improving physics education? Is the goal to raise a new generation of physicists who will take the field even farther, and develop an even deeper understanding of even more fundamental particles which....

Some psychopath and his pathological regime will then configure in to an even bigger bomb?

Seriously. Where does it end?

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Being old enough to be before the era of "white boards", when we had "black boards" with "white" chalk (sometime yellow chalk), there must be something a great social science significance in the conversions from black to white boards. They seem to be able to see great patterns in their social science dreams as they believe their "astrology" to be reality.

I even got kicked off a AAAS forum when I complained that eliminating "calculus" from STEM areas was not possible, while they were arguing the "calculus" was an unnecessary "weeder course". Viewing math as the language of science was not OK, but I couldn't visualize how to describe the reality of universe, especially kinetic and dynamics, without differential equations.

We laughed when feminist glaciology become the buzz of the day, but now the attacks on STEM could kill real science, leaving us with just this DEI nonsense.

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There are two good commentaries discussing this article - both written by credible physics educators:



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